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About Janet Hill

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My first introduction to counselling was to study an intensive course to support people with unplanned pregnancies, miscarriages and post termination distress. This highlighted to me the importance of talking through problems and the difference it made to their future.

This ignited a passion for further training so I embarked on a four year therapeutic counselling course which I completed in 2014. Here I studied mainly in person-centred therapy as well as researching into other approaches and theories. You may have heard of some of these such as CBT, Gestalt, Solution Focus and Psychodynamic theory to name a few. These are an array of approaches and theories to support understanding and ways of working.

I continued my training by counselling school children under the umbrella of Place2Be. Here I gained a great deal of experience from their in depth courses using creative methods to support children express their emotions. I worked here for nearly three years only leaving to develop my counselling experience with a bereavement service.

The training and continual professional development (CPD) with City and East London Bereavement Service is excellent. I gained a great deal of knowledge in working in this field. I felt humble to be part of my client’s journey to work through their distress and yet come out at the end with the hope of a future. Although my work there has come to an end I have returned on their CPD days as I have developed a passion for working in this field.

I also counsel at a charity in East London where my clients have difficulties with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, relationship problems, low self esteem, loss and change in their life. My greatest gift is being part of their journey. I am thrilled to see how people can change with a glow in their face and a sparkle in their eyes due to the hope of a brighter future.

I now work within an integrative approach, this is where I use the varied training and skills I have acquired over the years to adjust to individual needs.

My faith is very important to me. It has given me direction and support in my life’s journey. I am happy to share with anyone on request. As part of this journey I give my time as a Listening Ear Service at my place of worship. You can meet me there free of charge. The email for further information and the time and days I’m available is;

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